Lead Capture Forms Best Practices

A few years ago the easiest lead capture form best practices you’ll need some perspective on the way things used to be. You used to be able ┬áto capture somebody’s contact information was by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter. Part of the motivation for to build a marketing subscriber bases is that no [&hellip

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Implied Usage: Why Odd Keyword Phrases should not be used

It is no secret that search engines evolve along with the technology that supports them. One of the more recent changes involves implied usage and the tool that Google employs is Hummingbird. The hummingbird algorithm focuses on several aspects of SEO and specifically on both organic search results and PPC ads. The quality of the [&hellip

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Boost Your ROI by Uniting Google Trends and Adwords

Google Trends isn’t just a barometer of pop culture, it is an underutilized tool in marketers’ arsenals. Trends, which showcases popular search terms over time, can help you evaluate keywords and get the biggest return on your AdWords investment. Whether you are launching a new product or looking to revitalize a flagging campaign, learn how [&hellip

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