A few years ago the easiest lead capture form best practices you’ll need some perspective on the way things used to be. You used to be able  to capture somebody’s contact information was by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter. Part of the motivation for to build a marketing subscriber bases is that no matter what happens with Google traffic, or social media traffic you’ll have an asset that can be leveraged for additional sales, referrals or revenue.


However most consumers have had a mindset shift in the past few years from simply providing their contact information in exchange for a newsletter to providing their information in exchange for specific value.

Here is a great example of a company that probably captures most of the leads that this at their website. This is a company that sells doors and windows. As you can see on the right side of this webpage, there is a lead form that people can fill out to get a free in-home estimate.

The free in-home estimate is the lead magnet, for this business.  This is the first step of Lifecycle Marketing. This company is saying, if you fill out our form, we will come out to your house and give you a free estimate. There is tremendous value in this service.

Champion Windows


This is another great lead capture example. First of all, it always helps to have a very famous, very well known quarterback in your ad.
More importantly, they are providing you with a free LASIK consultation (the lead magnet) if you are willing to provide them with some general contact information.
Once again, if you are in the market for LASIK, I’m willing to guess you will fill out this form, unless, of course, you despise the Denver Broncos or John Elway.


For those of you that attend a lot of networking events, trade shows and other business functions, you probably collect hundreds and hundreds of business cards. What do you do with those business cards? Do you have a plan to follow up with all the people that give you a business card? Most people don’t.

By inputting all the contact information from the people that you meet, it provides you a capture tool that will help grow your business faster.

If you do a lot of trade shows, or own a brick-and-mortar style business, you can also have people fill out a lead sheet to be entered into a drawing, to receive a discount, to receive a free gift, etc.

Once people fill out the lead sheet, you can then import that information into your database and you have now captured that lead. Pretty cool, huh?