Attract Traffic

Attracting traffic is one of the places that people focus on the most, this is actually where they get bogged down. There is a tremendous amount of attention and time spent in attracting traffic – but in the end, it’s just  a formula and this can be outsourced. These actions are typically broken down into online and off-line strategies and then the tactical implementation of these strategies.

Examples of off-line marketing include traditional media which includes print, radio, television, direct mail, and others.

Online marketing examples would include email marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), pay per click, blogging, social media, review sites, banners and so much more.

The goal of step one Attract Interest is to bring viewers, visitors and prospects to your website.  However most businesses fail miserably at this step because it’s not just about announcing that you are out there, waving your arms but you have to attract consumers who are being bombarded by competing marketing messages. You will have to realize them that you’ll be able to actually solve a problem for them or make their lives better or easier.

Traffic sources may include:

The process of attracting the right types of visitors to your website to consume your information, schedule an appointment or take an action is though the process of building out compelling lead magnets.

Once a visitor has responded to your lead magnet and is now visiting your site, the next stage in lifecycle marketing is Capturing Leads.