After you have Attract Traffic and Capture your Leads the next step, step three in Lifecycle Marketing is to Nurture your Prospects.

What do you typically do when someone expresses interest in your business?  I assume that most people call them or send an initial email.  If they don’t respond, you probably have an internal process and you’ll call them again or send them another email. And on the third time if they don’t respond again, you will probably just call them again or send them another email.

The fact that makes the difference for most small businesses is this next question, now that they have failed to respond to you on all of these previous attempts what do you do next? Because, if you are like most small business people, you stop trying to contact the prospect and it ends up in the trash.

Do you realize how much business you potentially throw away just because you give up early? Just imagine, what the impact would be for your business if you could convert an extra 10% of the leads that you previously ignored?