20% of your actions bring 80% of convertible new leads

The Pareto Principal is also true when it comes to marketing budget allocation. Analyzing the individual ROI of all online channels like social media, review and ranking sites, organic SEO and all paid online marketing ads is the first step to assess the current status of your marketing campaigns.

To filter the 20% of paid ads which account for the highest conversion rates and adjust the budget allocation accordingly to increase your conversion rates is the second step.

Track all off-line channels down to single activity as well to find the right mix

All off-line promotions like print, TV & Radio, and billboards are also traceable. Paying attention to your well-established channels, being open to add new channels or cut out old bangers will give you a state-of-the-art marketing mix individually designed for your business today.

Senior marketing experts provide insight into current trends in your industry

Understanding your current positioning, customizing Google’s goal tracking Analytics and combining it with enterprise grade Phone Call Tracking tools provide the foundation for further analysis. Benchmarking against your direct competitors and how they achieve their results plus considering outsource options, add two more requisites to help you make smart decisions upon your next marketing campaigns and budget allocation.