The fifth step in the Lifecycle Marketing process is to Deliver and Satisfy your customers.  You have already learned how to attract traffic, capture leads and nurture prospects and how to convert sales. Now the next phase is to actually deliver on your promise that you make to your new customer.

Each business has its own unique ways of delivering its product or services to customers.  However every business can have a WOW factor when delivering.  It’s the desire to “under promise and over deliver” as a way of keeping your customers engaged and passionate about your business.

It could be as simple as delivering before they expect it, or picking up the phone to acknowledge the order or to keep them updated as the progress of their order.  Each of these stages are just as important as what you are delivering to them as a business.

Some businesses may be able to automate service delivery while others will have to physically interact with their clients.  However, there are always ways to make this part of the process easier.  I have a few clients who have to personally deliver their services like Attorneys, Chiropractors or Yoga studios but as soon as a new client signs up they send an email that explains their processes and expectations to their clients. They often provide intake forms, or provide a list of things to bring for the first meeting so that they get the most from your service.

Just remember that if your current customers are not completely satisfied with your product or service, the chances of them doing business with somebody else increases greatly and the chances of them reviewing you positively online or giving you a referral is substantially reduced.

After you’ve satisfied your customer with their most pressing issue, and they are confident that you can solve their problem you now have an opportunity to create an upsell to your customer.