Customizing Goal Tracking inside Google Analytics and correct configuration to measure website activities are very important

In order to help you achieve your marketing goals we will translate your current objectives into an actionable plan with milestones, accountability and feedback loops to integrate the plan into your current company systems.

Customizing goal tracking inside Google analytics allows to gauge against all goals from your action-plan.

Understanding where the prospects are finding you is the crucial step to increase the number of new leads

Combining the customized Goal Tracking tool inside Google analytics with a state-of-the-art Phone Call Tracking tool provides the crucial piece of the puzzle to tell you exactly where from your customers are coming? Once you know the ratio between calls per keyword, organic SEO, Pay Per Click ads, and their conversion rate, you are in the position to allocate more funding to the right source.


The bottom line: cost-effective new marketing campaigns within 30 days

Gain a comprehensive plan for

  • Marketing your website
  • Understanding important tactics of your industry
  • Getting a glimpse of how your direct competitors achieve their results
  • Knowing how your customers find you

Take this foundation to make a well-informed decision about new marketing campaigns and new budget allocation.