Google Trends isn’t just a barometer of pop culture, it is an underutilized tool in marketers’ arsenals. Trends, which showcases popular search terms over time, can help you evaluate keywords and get the biggest return on your AdWords investment. Whether you are launching a new product or looking to revitalize a flagging campaign, learn how to boost SERPs by using Trends and AdWords together.

Searching Google Trends

Within your AdWords account, you can search Google Trends by keyword. You can search up to five terms at once, and view media coverage of terms by clicking on capital letters shown in the chart.

For example, you sell eco-friendly hiking shoes and want to appeal to an active demographic with money to spend on recreation accessories. You enter in hiking boots + hiking shoes + trekking to see trends.

Trends returns the interest over time and geographic area for these terms. It also displays popular search queries utilized.

Using Trends Data to Improve AdWords

The more your AdWords targets popular searches, the greater your potential for page views and for sales. Trends data can help you adjust your AdWords so that you target highly relevant, popular search terms.

Use the Trends data to evaluate how well your chosen keywords are performing at a given time. You may see that a term that you picked for its popularity when you launched your campaign has fallen off the charts, or that a synonym you hadn’t thought of is rising in popularity. You may become inspired by a trending query to tailor your campaign to the new concept.

Since Trends provides information on rising queries, it can introduce you to new keywords before they gain market saturation. By incorporating these rising keywords into your ad campaign, you can broaden appeal, boost SERPs, and grow your audience organically.

When relevant, Trends displays brand names in queries. This gives you insight into how your brand is performing relative to competitors’ brands. This can help you adjust your marketing efforts in other channels too.

If you’re not already using Trends, evaluate your AdWords vis-a-vis Trends now. In as little as 5 minutes, you can check keyword health and adjust AdWords to boost your brand performance. Interested in a free Google Adwords Audit, let us know.