I really just want to thank you for all the efforts that you put into the website because just in the first two months alone, although you told me you will take six months, you what’s it called under promise and the way you delivered because with the tracking, I can see how many people have made appointments and I am just through into this.

I have done 10 times better with the SEO optimization and with the Google Adwords that have been spending for the past two to three years, it’s unbelievable.

The biggest hesitation is anytime you are investing in any marketing, you know it’s impossible for anybody to promise you, you know, this is what’s going to show up.  So it’s always like am I putting the money into the right thing?  So I was getting results from Google Adwords but I felt that there must be something better, I think I had a plateau with the Google Adwords, so it was not a big leap of faith.

I had tremendous amount of trusting for knowing in the past but just that my hesitation was that why would I want to rock something that’s currently working already?

The tracking is vital to me as the business owner because I am very involved in every aspect of my practice and most important part of the practice is you know from where we gain the patients from and to continue to maintain and grow that patient’s source, so I see the tracking is working, then I know that I am getting a direct feedback and an answer that I am investing it is working for me.  We were averaging in the past year 1 to 2 new patients a day and went up to 5, one day we had 10 new patients that were directly from the SEO optimization that you performed and it was all from this, although the phone number was matched up with the patients’ phone numbers that they were booking.