We just wrapped up the filming of two videos for a clients lead capture page. He is in the alarm business and is looking to expand his  commercial alarm services. By following the principles of Lifecycle Marketing he is changing his strategy from just trying to pitch his products to a softer sale with an valuable offer for his prospects.

He is offering a free multi-point inspection of any commercial property in his service area as a way to provide value to the prospects.  It takes
For this project we are building out a micro site of about five pages, to educate and inform.  We are then capturing leads in two separate ways one is via a lead capture form and the other is with a trackable phone number. Both of these are setup to record how the prospect found the site and then track the user all through the interaction. about an hour for his experienced team to perform the audit and by the end they really understand what the customer is trying to do with their security system and what aspects are the most important.

The client is also re-targetting the users who do not fill in the forms and will be running display advertising via Google Adwords to provide additional value for people that leave the site without filling in the forms.

Appointments are automatically set and based on the outcome of the on-site review the customer is either signed up as a new client or is placed into a sophisticated nurture sequence to educate and provide continued value to the prospect.

We’ll keep you updated with the progress and results.