In order to effectively market through building relationships, it helps to have a list to actually build that relationship.  Every marketing activity that a company does, should be focused on providing value as well as growing a list.  List Building can take place organically such as adding new clients to a monthly newsletter, but here are some strategies to build a list quickly to grow the quantity of people you communicate with on an ongoing basis.

  1. Pay Per Click– Running Pay Per Click campaigns on Google and driving traffic to a landing page that captures name and email information is a good way and will also cost some money.  Make sure that what you are sending people is valuable enough for them to give you their email address in return.
  2. Joint Ventures– If you have an associate in your industry who has access to their own list of people who fall into the same niche as you, it can be effective to agree to do a mailing to your respective lists on behalf of each other.  Typically, each person can continue to market to those people who opt in to receiving information from the other list.
  3. Search Engine Optimization– Optimizing a website that promotes an offer in exchange for a person’s email address can add names to your list
  4. Interview An Expert– You can contact a leading expert in your respective industry for a topic that is of interest to the people on your list and promote this conference call or webinar to a new group of people.  Oftentimes, experts will agree to be interviewed for free as long as they get a copy of the recording or have a spot to promote their own product.
  5. Social Media– Posting a message in your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts can be a good way to soft market to people you are connected with in these online communities and send the traffic to a landing page.
  6. Blog– Building a Blog around a niche idea of interest to people is a good way to attract new people to what you have to offer the community.

List Building is an activity that should be done consistently as you give people more and more value as your build a strong relationship with your list.