For busy marketers, event planning can be challenging. Events have many deliverables, both online and offline, that need to be followed up on using a dedicated time schedule. If deadlines associated with the event are not met, there can be real consequences to attendance numbers, fundraising goals, or the ability to capture leads post-event. Learn how marketing automation can ease the pressure of event planning and make your next event a success.

How to use marketing automation for events

Marketing automation allows you to define, track, and follow up on action items and deliverables, both online and offline. Just as you would report on an email campaign, you can report on a trade show attendance or fundraising event — and you can make the planning phase easier by leveraging data that you already have.

Stored emails can be sorted by location, giving you a ready base for supporters to target for geo-specific events. If you’re planning a gala, you can sort clients by in-state and out-of-state and target invites accordingly with an email blast. All communications can be scheduled in the system to ensure that messages go out on time. Plus, you’ll know that lists are accurately sorted and that clients won’t get an email that isn’t meant for them.

Automation can also integrate with event-related lead capture and follow up. If you’ve been relying on interns or employees to manually add captured email address to your database, you risk losing leads due to typing errors. By setting up a tablet registration table, you enable individuals to quickly and accurately add themselves, effectively increasing your lead capture rate to 100 percent. If you create an autoresponder before the event, you can thank event attendees for coming without having to wait until you’re back in the office.

By streamlining lead contact and automating planning and follow-up emails, marketing automation gives staff members more time to focus on mission critical tasks, such as converting leads to sales. To increase your conversion rates and maximize your event presence, give marketing automation a try. Interested in learning more about lead management with marketing automation Рfeel free to let us know.