Google has always been known as a leading major search engine that strives to help businesses advertise their products and services. Via Google’s AdWords, many businesses have found much success in carrying out effective marketing campaigns. And best of all, AdWords easily allows these businesses to track which ads are working and which ones aren’t, thus enabling them to gain a bird’s eye view of their consumers’ preferences, wants and needs.

On the other side of the fence –the downside– Google lacked in one area; it wasn’t able to effectively track which ads were driving phone calls from Internet users. But even that has changed now, thanks to Google’s Website Call Conversions.

Now, when consumers click on ads, a “dynamically generated phone number” appears, and whether the number is dialed via the computer or on a landline or mobile phone, the number is directly linked to the ad in which the customer clicked on, thus allowing businesses to see which ads are boosting customer phone calls.

How to Use Website Call Conversions

This feature is found with the Google AdWords user’s platform. Users will need “to add a small code snippet on their desktop and mobile sites.” The numbers that are linked to the ads will stay active for longer than 90 days, giving businesses plenty of time to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their ads.

It’s imperative that businesses understand the full value of this new feature being rolled out by Google. Businesses will now be able to see where their calls are coming from, helping them enhance PPC campaigns like never before.

And not only will users of the service be able to measure the calls coming in from PPC campaigns, but they’ll also be able to restrategize their ad performance techniques in a way that boosts overall effectiveness. For example, if mobile ads result in a higher number of calls, then more money can be invested in such ads instead of wasting it on desktop ads that weren’t converting to begin with.

How Does Website Call Conversions Affect 3rd Party Tracking Options?

For some businesses, 3rd party tracking will no longer be needed because Google’s version will work just as well, and even better than many others. However, it should be noted that Website Call Conversions works with most 3rd party tracking options.

Take for example the 3rd party tracking option known as WordStream. This amazing tracking tool comes with a feature called “Whisper,” which easily allows businesses to see before a call is even answered whether or not it is coming in from a person who clicked on an online ad. Additionally, WordStream allows users to record phone calls; this is something that Google’s version lacks.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Website Call Conversions only works with Google ads. When it comes to Bing and Yahoo and other search engines, businesses will need to use some type of 3rd party tracking option.

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