Marketers are always looking for ways to increase the results of their Google AdWords campaigns. Google understands this fact and as a result is always looking for opportunities to make the service better. Google Adwords Extensions are an ideal way to customize your campaign and increase the results that you’re seeing based on your own unique goals. Ad Extensions can enhance your AdWords performance in a number of ways that are more than worth exploring.

The Major Benefits

The major benefits of Ad Extensions fall into two distinct categories, one of which leads directly into the other. The first is that Ad Extensions have a tendency to improve the visibility of your ad, especially when it comes to search results. Properly optimized campaigns with Ad Extensions will usually appear above the search results in a Google search, rather than on the side bar like normal. Ads that benefit more from Extensions will appear even above competing products in the same set of search results. And they look a little different, and this often catches the eye of the consumer leading to a higher number of clicks, and improving your click through rates.

With that increased visibility naturally comes a better return on investment, as extensions dramatically increase the click through rate of the Google AdWords in question. A large number of clicks almost always translates into a larger amount of sales, ultimately allowing the campaign to pay for itself. Not sure if your campaign is running Ad Extensions ask us for a free Adwords Audit.

Location Extensions

Location Extensions can be optimized on a global basis and use the location based capabilities of mobile devices like smart phones to target potential customers in your area. Instead of marketing to people thousands of miles away and wasting opportunities, you’re only marketing to people who might actually be nearby.

  • Location extensions show your business address, phone number, and a map marker with your ad text.
  • On mobile, they include a link with directions to your business.
  • Clicks on ads with location extensions cost a standard cost-per-click.

Call Extensions

Call Extensions allow you to add a unique phone number to your Google AdWords for better tracking capabilities. These give you not only the ability to track offline and online conversion separately, but also give you improved lead tracking capabilities and more.

  • Call extensions make it easy for people to call you on the go.
  • You can share them within an ad group or entire campaign.
  • You can set them to show only when your business can take calls.
  • You can count calls as conversions.
  • Call extensions have typically increased click-through rate by 6-8%.

App Extensions

App extensions will display a link below your targeted ad that can send potential customers directly to the App Store on their mobile device. From there, they can immediately download and install the app that you want them to use.

Review Extensions

Review extensions allow third party reviews from high quality sources to display immediately below your ad, letting potential customers see what existing customers are saying. With review extensions YOU get to highlight the reviews you want from credible sources to enhance your online campaigns. Nothing speaks louder for a new client than hearing how happy an existing customer is with you.

To learn more about how Google Ad Extensions for Adwords functions feel free to contact us.