Google is enhancing the power of Adwords by adding different levels of callouts for advertisers to use. Callouts are not links, so they do not require landing pages. Rather, they are used to grab the attention of readers, encouraging them to click-through. In particular, Adword users should be aware of the following changes and nuances associated with callouts.

New Type of Ad Extension

Callouts are an extension of existing ads and can be used to promote a variety of benefits, including sales promotions, shipping deals and 24 hour customer service, among other selling points. The text of the callouts is placed below ads, so that it augments an ad as opposed to distorting it. The callouts can also be displayed alongside other items, such as ratings and reviews, making them another tool for enticing customers and generating conversions. Callouts do not cost any extra to insert, which is an additional benefit.

Callouts at Different Levels

Advertisers can add a minimum of two extensions at each level of the Ad Extention tab, making it easy to customize campaigns. The adjustments are straightforward, meaning that advertisers do not have to spend a lot of extra time adjusting Adword controls. Also, advertisers have the flexibility to mix and match callouts to target specific audiences. Some ads are static in nature, meaning they cannot be changed or optimized once they’re placed on a website. Callouts change that situation, making it easier for advertisers to adjust the look and feel of their ads in an effort to increase click-through rates.

Time Sensitive Extensions

Advertisers can also choose when specific callouts will be displayed, giving them further flexibility when designing ad campaigns. Given that website traffic patterns differ during the day, including the composition of visitors and their specific interests, the timing of callouts can have an impact on click-through rates and conversions. Callouts make it easier for marketers and other individuals to attract their target audience, no matter what time of the day.

Better Campaign Management

Callout extensions work in tandem with sitelinks, call metrics, location extensions and seller rating extensions, among other features offered by Adwords. This allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns in a way that was not possible before. Advertisers can match callouts to augment sitelinks and location extensions, while adding new and valuable information to ads that will entice customers to click-through.

Callouts make it easier for advertisers to grab the attention of consumers and generate higher sales. Be on the lookout for additional changes to Adwords in the near future.