Conversion Optimization is the fundamental concept upon which WebHeat was built upon, it drives our every action as we interact with clients.  There are a plethora of internet marketing strategies to drive additional traffic to a website including but not limited to: Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Direct Mail and so much more, but the question is what happens to the website visitors once they land on your website?

Many of our clients contact us initially about utilizing some of the above internet marketing strategies to increase the quantity of visitors to their website each month.  We love talking about any and all things marketing, especially internet marketing, but simply increasing traffic to a website or even a brick and mortar retail store is only 1 slice of the pie to growing a business efficiently.  The majority of businesses are always looking to grow, so increasing traffic is usually a good thing, but may not always be the most cost effective strategy in growing a business.  After all for most small business owners who are not looking for their company to get acquired in the near future, profitability is more important that just revenue increase.

We have started working with a client recently who spends $50,000 per month on marketing for his real estate business, but our now client had no usable way to measure the return on this $50,000 monthly investment.  Our initial phone call was about listening to what the goal’s of the business are in the short term and long term.  What we realized is that implementing a few of our conversion optimization strategies could help this business owner understand the impact of his marketing investment.  We could have easily told him that to increase business he has to double his marketing spend to $100,000 per month, but we first needed to discover was how to maximize the current $600,000 he is spending on marketing each year.

In the most basic form, conversion optimization is increasing the % of visitors who ‘convert’ or do a desired action.  For a florist, the desired action could be purchasing a bouquet of flowers, for a lawyer the desired action could be filling out a form to request a free consultation about their pending case.  Out of 100 visitors to your website, how many are taking the desired action?  Is it 2% is it 34%?  Is this Good?  How do you improve this?  This is the cross roads of the science and art that is conversion optimization.