Small teams in sales and marketing have limited resources. Market automation changes that by focusing labor and highlighting leads that are easy conversions. The result for businesses in increased revenue that follows a predictable pathway. That alone is a reason to employ marketing and sales automation. Predictable revenue is a key element of business development. Grow your business before adding additional manpower.

Support Business Goals with Automation

Costs are a key focus. Every day your company invests in its marketing team and its sales team. The return on that investment is shown by sales conversions at the end of the day. Automation software is an investment that increases the ROI of both the marketing and sales team. It does this by stimulating lead generation and targeting leads that are convertible, and tracking their state in the pipeline.

The work that automation does allow your teams to focus on only the highest potential customers. The technology behind automation allows for faster lead development, the collection of better lead data and the evaluation of leads in such a way as to produce lead ranking. Those tools allow the sales team better to understand the lead and to identify where the lead is in the sales process. The sales team benefits from the marketing automation which collects and sorts more complex lead data.

The Money Maker is not Just CRM but Sales Automation too.

The ROI of just a CRM software investment is only going to pay off if your sales team is highly motivated. Adding in sales automation, the motivation of the sales team rises automatically. The reason is simply that the sales team only has to focus on quality leads. It no longer has to sort through the marketing data to find quality leads. The sales automation software does that for your team. By adding in both Marketing and Sales automation, you have empowered both teams to produce higher ROI without adding in additional manpower. The automation technology also forces a cohesion between marketing and sales. The increased efficiency is something that the businesses can focus to improve growth, bottom line performance and team building.