Individuals who are in a professional services industry are not known for the marketing acumen.  Lawyers, Doctors, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Loan Officers, Bankers and Accountants are typically very skilled at their unique skill set, but not always fruitful in their attempts to market their business services.  Here is a list of 29 ways to market a professional services business to get new clients and retain current clients.  It is a lot cheaper to keep a current client than bring on a new client, but that is a topic for another post.

  1. Give away physical objects with your company name and contact information.  Real estate agents are fond of giving out refrigerator magnets with their pretty picture as well as the schedule for the local sports team.  Other examples include pens, keychains, calendars, briefcases, toothbrushes…
  2. Join Professional organizations specific to your industry on a national and local levels. Some of these organizations may have certification exams or to uphold a certain standard of ethics.  These organizations can be helpful for not only creating credibility with letters after your name or badges of associations on your website for prospective clients, but also networking with other professionals who may have business in your target niche.  Side benefit to keep informed of latest industry news to share with clients and prospective clients.
  3. Create Monthly Newsletter and send to your warm network and people you meet at networking events.
  4. Directory Listings.  Get listed in both online and offline directories so prospective clients can find your services when they are looking for the services you offer.
  5. Network. Each time you meet someone on the street, you can always be asking what they do for work and they will most likely ask you what you do for work.  Attending specific networking events such as Chamber of Commerce, Meetup Groups, Charitable functions and Political fundraisers.
  6. Social Media. Utilize online communities such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to build your position in the market.
  7. Blogging. Creating your own blog and posting on a regular basis is helpful to connecting with the community about topics that are of interest to them.
  8. 20 Second Commercial.  Prepare a 20 second commercial that allows you to share with others exactly what you do and who you typically do it for by highlighting common challenges you resolve.  This enables you to get the most out of each networking event.
  9. Host a Lunch. Invite some of your best clients and prospective clients to meet in your office or a local restaurant for some time to get to know each other and see if you can create business for other people.

Implement these 9 strategies to grow your professional services business.