The 7 Stages of Lifecycle Marketing
How to attract & keep customers for lifetime
Lifecycle Marketing is a set of seven steps that embodies the strategies and tactics that every small business should embrace to become remarkable in their industry. It’s based on a proven methodology that combined the earlier steps which would feed and nurture the latter to become a sustainable engine of growth inside a company.
How to nurture leads to improving your closing and retention?

Educate your prospects: Marketing today is about providing value and access to information so that the client can learn about you before they call to speak with a sales person. These include White Papers, E-books, Video Podcast and Blogging or Webinars
Maintain ongoing contact: There are five different customers archetypes. By varying your communications and expanding the channels that your business uses you can appeal to a broader audience, while refining your message to keep them engaged
Provide lifetime value: The definition of "customer" has changed. Now days, only one time interactions with customer are not considered to be effective. Keeping the customer informed and educated after initial sale is extremely helpful in maintaining the relationship. This approach is also useful for asking a referral
Stay on top of mind: Think about it, who is your "service provider" of choice in any number of occupations. Either it's the company that delighted you, or the brand that captures your attention in their marketing

4 Steps you can implement today:
  • Send a “Thank You!” note
  • Create a customer survey
  • Ask for a referrral
  • Up-sell / Cross-Sell
Why do most businesses fail to Follow-up?
Are you in communication with every prospect that has ever entered your funnel? Though, you have not made any sale.
At any given time 3% of your prospects are currently in the market to buy your product or service and looking right now to get it. - Chet Holmes
The other 97% require qualifying or additional information to make a decision
With consistency and good information, you can stay top of mind until they are ready
Consistent nurturing and providing value in your communications can position you as an expert in your prospects eyes
Are you still broadcasting your messages rather than crafting them to meet your prospects preferences or goals?
Spending too much time "in the business" rather than "on the business" - automation gives you back your time, creates predictability in follow up and nurtures prospects so you can focus on providing excellent service
Get back to loving your business and focus on delighting your customers
Manual processes get in the way of scaling business operations. No time dedicated to automation and outsourcing
Having a Website is no longer the bare minimum for online success. Those days have past a long time ago
FACT: Failure to follow up with your clients can mean your business losing
up to 81% in potential revenue
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The path through the marketing and sales funnel
Awareness The point where your prospective customer realizes that they need something, and based on your marketing activities that your company can fulfill that particular need.
Consideration Consideration is the evaluation stage when prospective customers determine if your offering or expertise matches their specific needs. During the consideration process, they also evaluate your competitors.
Preference & Intent As the prospects finalize their internal process of comparing your company against other alternative options, including keeping the status quo.This may be the first time that the prospect reaches out to your business and starts the sales cycle.
Contact The prospect reaches out to your company using any of the channels that you've established. This may include lead capture forms, phone calls and social media or inbound email. Lead capture is critical at this stage
Education Even with the most well defined sales process, there may be some unanswered questions about the product, service, or your company. It's your obligation to provide easy access to this information with a lead nurturing process.
Purchase After the prospect crosses a specific threshold in their ming, they'll make a purchase. At this phase emotions typically outweighs defined logic at this point. You will have heard a customer buys emotionally and then rationalizes logically. You'll have an internal process to convert sales.
Delivery This is where you deliver and satisfy the client by providing the service that the customer has purchased. This is a good opportunity to learn if there are other opportunities that your company can serve. It can increase upsells.
Post Sales Follow up Keeping in contact with your customers after service delivery is the easiest way to ensure that there is an open channel of communication if there are post-sales problems or even referrals.
Repurchase If appropriate, you can continue to nurture and present complementary products that may satisfy additional needs that your clients have.
Referrals Why don't more businesses ask for referrals? Could it be that they are afraid that they have not earned them? Understand that generating referrals is critical to your business success.

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